The Foundations of Throne Room Glory Ministries


Purpose: Our purpose lies in challenging believers to press forward towards victory on their spiritual walk, by embracing the glory of God as they experience His presence in His Glorious Throne Room.


Revelations 4

His Throne cannot be stared upon with the natural eye because of its brilliance.  For the Almighty God who sits on it appears like jasper stone and sardius. It has a beautiful emerald colored rainbow that appears above it.  His angels surround Him and bow before Him in His presence, as they are unable to contain their worship unto a holy God.

The Room is filled with God's glorious presence and with all those who worship Him including, the elders and His angels.  Angels guard His immediate presence round about His Throne, as they worship Him day and night.

The Glory is the manifested presence of God. He can appear to us in many ways such as a Bright Light, A Cloud, Mist, or even Fire.  As we worship, He manifests His presence, His power is felt and healings and deliverances take place.

This Ministry He has given me .... "God took me to heaven in the Spirit and He said, 'Let my people know I have prepared a place for them', and as He showed me the world, He also said, 'I want you to infect My people with My GLORY.' "

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